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Has your skin had sufficient sleep?

Stress, children who keep you awake, night out, causes for less sleep. ... An evening shorter sleep won't hurt, but prolonged sleep deprivation can affect your skin in a negative way. Sleep has effect on the hormones in the body. Two of these sleep sensitive hormones have an effect on the skin; These are cortisol and melatonin.

Cortisol, als known as the stress hormone, is a hormone secreted by your body when you have stress. Stress and sleep deprivation are important causes of an increased cortisol level. With little sleep, more cortisol is created, and this has a negative impact on the skin. It provides increased sebum production, so more prone to pimples. Also the skin barrier may become damaged causing the skin to dry out more quickly, which results in a more dull and dry appearance of your skin. An increased cortisol level can also in the longer term, speeds up the skin's aging process. This is because your body under the influence of cortisol creates the collagen break down in the skin. Together with elastin, collagen is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. When there is a lot of collagen is broken down, the skin is slacker and wrinkles will appear.

The hormone melatonin is also influenced by your amount of sleep. In contrast to cortisol, the production of melatonin is slowed down right at a sleep deprivation, while melatonin is particularly wellfor the skin. Melatonin helps recovery of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. Slowed down melatonin production means less production of collagen, unfortunately leaving your skin looking old faster. So plenty of sleep, for now good for your energy and your condition. And for later a longer beautiful radiant skin!

By sleeping with makeup on the face your skin ages 7 times faster. Therefore, always take off your makeup in the evening with a good cleanser! At least use the [ COMFORT ZONE ] ESSENTIAL MICELLAR WATER for the easy & quick cleansing, else we recommend from the various systems the cleansing products:

[ COMFORT ZONE ] ESSENTIAL for normal skin;
[ COMFORT ZONE ] ACTIVE PURENESS for oily skin;BR> [ COMFORT ZONE ] REMEDY for sensitive skin;
[ COMFORT ZONE ] SACRED NATURE (organic) for all skin conditions;
[ COMFORT ZONE ] SKIN REGIMEN (nutricosmeceutical) for all skin conditions.