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Quick & Vega: Jamie Oliver's Yellow Curry

Ever been to Asia without eating curry? Neither did I. Hot in South-East Asia and spicy in India one would almost think there is a curry to everyones liking. I myself am absolutely blown away by the Indian Yellow Curry of Jamie Oliver as in his magazine Jamie Magazine. But this yellow curry because of it's chicken drumsticks it must simmer for 45 minutes. Now what if you simply don't have the time. to wait for this? As a non-meat eater I found the solution for this problem: mock duck. Available with the bright blue label in many Asian Oriental shops.This chicken-replacement is already ready and your curry can bubble just until the sauce has thickened enough.

2 onions
2 to 4 cloves of garlic
6 cm fresh ginger root
2 sweet yellow peppers
1 vegetable stock cube (crumbled) or vegetable stock powder for 500 ml chicken flavoured water
15 grams fresh bunch of coriander (1/2 a bunch)
1 tea spoon agave
1 tea spoon ground turmeric
2 tea spoons curry powder
1 can mock duck (blue labeled can of 280 grams)
(olive) oil for frying
400 grams chickpeas (drained weight 400 grams if you want to have a lot of chickpeas)
1 tea spoon tomato paste
320 grams (basmati) rice
1 lemon
500 ml boiling water
coconut yoghurt to your liking (optional)

Add 1-2 fresh red chillies. Remove the seeds from the peppers for a milder and less spicy version.

- Mince 1 of the onions, all the garlic and ginger.
- Clean the peppers and remove the seeds.
- Put the garlic, 1 onion, ginger and 1 sweet yellow pepper – along with the chilies, stems of the coriander, agave, broth and herbs – all in a food processor and make a fine paste.
- Do you like coriander very much? Chop a few coriander leaves through the pasta
- Then chop and fry the other onion and yellow pepper a few minutes in a large frying pan or wok on medium heat.
- Add the pasta and leave just five minutes on the fire.
- Bake the mock duck in a casserole. Only just until they get a brown ' skin '.
- Pour 500 ml of boiling water on the pasta, onion and peppers.
- Leak the chickpeas and rinse with clean lukewarm water until no more foam comes off (this is how it doesn't get to bother your gut).
- Add them to the curry, the tomato paste and a pinch of salt and pepper.
- Now you can add the mock duck and simmer your curry on low heat until the sauce is thickened.
- Meanwhile, Cook the rice, as indicated on the packaging.
- Serve the yellow curry with rice and lemon wedges beside them.
- Sprinkle the remaining coriander leaves on the curry.
- Add a little coconut yogurt if you like

Source: Jamie Magazine.